Agent FAQ

    • Why use Concord Commission Advance for your commission advance?

      Best Pricing.  Best Service.  Best Terms.

    • What is Concord’s Merit Based Pricing?

      As part of our standard review process, we consider the underlying real estate transaction as well as the agent’s sales history and current pipeline to determine exact pricing.

    • How does Concord get repaid?

      Repayment of the advance happens automatically when your sale closes.  The closing agent receives a commission disbursement authorization signed by your Broker instructing them to send the portion of the commission that has been sold directly to Concord at close of escrow.

    • Will the buyer and/or seller find out about my advance request?

      No. Concord never contacts the buyer or seller.

    • How quickly can my advance get processed?

      Typically within one business day.  We send you an advance contract within hours of receiving your complete application package.  Provided we receive our advance contract duly signed by 1:00pm EST, you will receive funding directly in your bank account prior to midnight that night.  If we receive your contract by 4:30pm EST, you will receive funding the next business day.

    • What if the closing on my transaction is delayed?

      Concord provides a free 15 day Grace Period on all transactions, as long as your transaction closes within 15 days of the closing date, there are no additional fees.  If the closing does not occur within the grace period, you will incur additional per diem fees until closing.


    • What if the closing on my transaction does not occur?

      Being in the Real Estate industry ourselves, we understand that some deals fall through due to no fault of the agent.  If your transaction falls through, you can assign another transaction to us for payment or you may repurchase the receivable from us using personal funds.

    • Are Concord Commission Advance costs tax deductible?

      As the proceeds of your Concord are used for your real estate business expenses, the cost can be tax deductible.  Always be sure to check with your tax professional.

    • What type of real estate deals do you advance commissions on?

      We advance on residential resales and leases as well as new home and new/pre-construction sales.  We also advance on select commercial sales and leases.

    • At what stage can I advance my commission?

      Any time after the contracts for your transaction are signed, right up to the day before to closing.

    • May I sell just a portion of my commission?

      Yes. We base our fees on the commission amount purchased, so if you need only $5,000 of a $10,000 commission, you’d receive immediate payment from us for the portion that we are purchasing and the rest of your commission as usual from your broker at closing.

    • How much of my commission can I Advance?

      Up to 80% on residential resale deals.
      Up to 80% on all other deals.

      For closing dates beyond 120 days, these amounts may vary.

    • Where is your service available?

      We advance throughout the United States.

    • Will my information be treated confidentially?

      Absolutely.  Maintaining your information in a secure environment is of utmost importance to us.  Please view our Privacy Policy

    • Is there a minimum or maximum size commission that you advance?

      We understand that agent needs vary, so we consider all requested advance amounts and time periods to closing. Please note, there is a $325 minimum fee per transaction.

    • Does Concord do advances for closings beyond 90 days?

      Yes, unlike other advance companies, we have no restriction on the timing to closing.  We will consider all deals and always try to work with clients.

    • Are there any reserve holdbacks?


    • Are there any administration fees?


    • Are there any application fees?


    • Are there any fees for funding the transaction?

      No, our direct deposit is done at no cost to you.

    • Do you run credit checks?

      No. Concord does not run credit checks.  We are relying on the strength of your transaction, not your credit history.  Our program is much faster, easier and accessible than traditional bank loans or credit cards.

    • Can I advance more than one deal at a time?

      Yes*, we do not have limits on the number of advances outstanding at any time.

    • Can I repurchase an advance before closing?

      Yes – all our advances can be repurchased prior to closing without penalty.

    Broker FAQ

    • Why does the broker sign the advance agreement?

      As a broker, all commissions earned by your agents belong to your company.  Agents cannot advance commissions without your consent.  The agreement you sign authorizes the sale and assignment of the agent’s portion of the commission on a particular sale to Concord, after any split or balance owing to your company.

    • Does the broker have any risk or liability?

      No. In the unlikely event we advance a commission to one of your agents on a sale that falls through, the agent is asked to replace it using future earned commissions.  As broker, your only responsibility is to direct any future commissions earned by the agent to Concord in the event the advance is not repaid as agreed.  If no future commissions are ever earned or the agent leaves your company, there is never any liability on your part to repay their advance.

    • Why is this good for my agents?

      Predictability of cash flow allows agents to manage their professional lives more efficiently, and once an agent is advanced a commission their focus has shifted to closing their next deal.  Agents typically use Concord between 2-5 times per year to assist with cash flow needs.  With Concord as your partner, you can help your agents control the timing of when they get paid, keeping them focused and engaged, resulting in more listings, more sales and higher productivity.

    • Does Concord advance commissions to broker agents?

      Yes. Concord will advance to brokers who are also buying / selling agents on their own sales. Broker pricing may vary from posted agent rates.

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