How to Make a Name for Yourself in Real Estate

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Real Estate, an industry overpopulated with agents, brokers, and specialists. As of the last few years, there are now more than a million qualified real estate employees and that number will only continue to rise. So you may be asking yourself, with so much competition that may already be established, how do I stand out?

Find what Makes you Different:

It can be difficult to stand out as an agent since so many realtors offer more or less the same service. With so many options providing the same service, making sure potential clients notice you is crucial. 

One way to help yourself build a client base is by finding your niche. This can be anything from helping first time home buyers, to specializing in renting apartments in a certain area of a major city, but the important thing is to find a sector you can shine in. 

Specializing in a certain type of real estate can also increase the likelihood that potential clients come looking for you instead of the other way around.

Have a Strong Internet Presence:

In today’s real estate landscape, the internet is king and having a strong website is extremely important. After determining your area of expertise, including this information on your website and other areas of the web will increase the likelihood that when prospects go searching online, they will find you.

In addition to marketing yourself online, the tools available through websites like Zillow or Redfin have revolutionized how people buy and sell homes. Using these services you can schedule tours/walkthroughs, host virtual open houses, field offers on listings, and so much more. 

Being able to give information about your own specialties while also taking advantage of technological advances is what makes a strong internet presence not just important, but necessary.

<2>Social Media is Everything:

Continuing on how important the internet is to your business, social media may be the most crucial element a realtor needs to keep up. Nowadays, companies and individuals are turning more and more to social media to increase visibility and transparency, and realtors should be no different. 

By setting up accounts on big social media sites such as Facebook, Instagram, Twitter, or even TikTok, you can interact with new potential clients like never before. Also important to note, by utilizing social media as opposed to traditional promotional avenues, you will be able to  reach more demographics than you would be able to with just a website or email campaign.

Send Those Emails

Speaking of sending emails, setting up and running email campaigns is yet another effective way to show yourself as an agent. Compiling email inquiries that come into your website and continuing to keep in contact with those leads will keep prospective clients informed while also keeping you in their minds when real estate needs arise. These campaigns can be anything from marketing new listings, to open houses, and even personal notes will help you form a bond with your clients that go beyond just business.

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