How To Create Attention Grabbing Real Estate Ads

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Effectively marketing your properties is one of the most important things a realtor can do. These advertisements are the way that you can connect your clients to the home of their dreams, or the perfect buyer for their property. The best real estate ads will not only give a description of the property, but will also make the person viewing it want to take action. No matter how you choose to market a property, the three most essential aspects to any real estate ad are information about the property, visual marketing, and description of the property.

Property Information

Providing property information may seem like a no brainer, but this is actually the most important aspect of all. You can provide all the usual information a home buyer would be interested in seeing such as: square footage, bedrooms, bathrooms, parking, AC/heat, building features, utilities, and even school districts. This section is so important because anyone who is buying a home will first be looking to make sure that a home has the specific features they are looking for, meaning this is a section not to be skipped.

Visual Marketing

Regardless of property type or location, every listing needs photos. These images serve as the tool that ties the description together, and helps clients really get a sense of the home they may be interested in. Professional photos are a must, since only the best photos will catch the eye of buyers in a market full of listings in the same area. Make sure lighting is done properly, as poorly lit photos can completely ruin and listing by not accurately showing off important features.

Property Description

So many agents make the mistake of only listing features, and while that is important, a solid property description gives a little bit more life to your listing. This is where you can tell the story of the property and paint a picture for potential buyers of what it may be like to live in a particular home.

Try focusing on what kind of person/family you envision living in the home you are marketing and try and play into that. Use language and imagery that will allow those prospective buyers to see themselves living there. This section is also where you will be able to list special features and amenities that may otherwise be overlooked, such as specific brands that may be installed in and around the home. Combining this section with the property features will make the most compelling and comprehensive property description possible.

By focusing on these three aspects you will be able to craft the most effective and successful listings you can and will lead to even more success in your real estate career!

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