3 Tips for Setting up a Home Office

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With most of the workforce operating from home for the past year, it’s never too late to improve your home office. Whether it is a dedicated room in your home, or the kitchen table in your apartment, any area can be used as a work space. Here are a few tips to make your home office feel more like an actual workspace.

Dedicate Space for Work

While most of us do not have a home office, working from home doesn’t have to be difficult. Start off by designating an area of your home or apartment for work, even if it’s your kitchen table, just make sure it is functional and you can dedicate the space to work during business hours. A few things to consider when selecting your work space: good lighting, a comfy chair, easy access to outlets, a lack of clutter on your desk, and if possible an area with a door for more private calls and meetings. 

Clean it Up

When working in a makeshift home office, you may encounter more clutter than you would have on your normal desk. Decluttering does require some effort on your part, but it is a rewarding feeling when you finally get around to it. Remove non work related items, throw out any lingering trash, clear dishes, and even utilize office organizers to hold your supplies such as pens and highlighters. A clean surface for working will certainly increase productivity and will help you feel accomplished.

Double Check Your Background

With many of us now relying on video calls and conferences, it’s important to remember what your co-workers might be seeing when you log on. Double check for items you may not want others seeing in a professional setting, such as dirty laundry, empty wine bottles, or even photos you may want to keep private. Keep the space directly behind you clean and feel free to show off some personal, but appropriate, touches. Lastly, make sure your lighting is adequate so others can clearly see you when you are on those important video calls.

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